We want the children to feel good about themselves as confidence is one of the key aspects of learning. Ballet requires discipline and concentration and preparing the children for the class (ie paying attention to hair and clothing) will make them feel special which will be reflected in their dancing.

Pre-Primary and Primary:

  • Lilac leotard
  • Lilac chiffon wrap skirt
  • Pink Ballet socks or tights
  • Pink Ballet shoes (leather or canvas)
  • Optional cross over cardigan
  • Hair needs to be tied back


  • White T-Shirt or leotard (most boys choose the T-shirt option)
  • Blue shorts or leg gins
  • White socks
  • White Ballet shoes

Please inquire about color of leotards as they are subject to change

  • Character skirt
  • Canvas character shoes
  • Ballet socks or tights
  • Optional cross over cardigan

HAIR NEEDS TO BE TIED BACK AND WORN IN A BUN OR SIMILAR FROM GRADE 1 AND UP. Please ask the teacher for instructions if you are unsure- it's really easy)

Uniforms can be purchased from the School.

For trial classes the younger children are allowed to wear whatever they feel happy in (fairy dress, leggings etc)
Older children can wear leggings and T-shirt