Pre-Primary & Primary

Enthusing children to reach their potential and encouraging positive learning patterns through the beauty of Ballet

Inspiration through imagery and stories is key to successful learning at the Pre-Primary and Primary levels (4-5 and 5-6 years)
The aim is to teach children basic ballet posture and to encourage grace, musicality and co-ordination to prepare them for the more intricate work in Grade 1. (6-7 y)

We dance our way through fairy tales, farm yards and countries far away...all with stretched legs and feet of course!

The children love free scarf/ribbon dancing to the music. We encourage them to stretch out, spin, run on tip toes, which is great for their sense of balance and simply apply little bits of what they have been taught. The most important aspect, however, is for them to get inspired and to feel good about what they are doing!

The children copy steps and improve their technique without negative remarks-learning whilst having a great time!

Classes are held weekdays at St.Barnabas Church on Lavenham Road, Southfields and at Wimbledon Village Club on Lingfield Road on Saturdays.

To book a free trial class or for more information please contact the school via phone or email.

"Eliane is a wonderful Ballet teacher! She has been teaching children at Noah's Ark Nursery Schools since 1997. Her lessons are always fun and creative and are very much looked forward to! Eliane motivates the children in her classes, capturing their attention and encouraging the development of the children's fine and gross motor skills as well as the use of their imagination. She has a sound understanding of children's development and as a result she adapts her lessons as necessary, making it simpler/more challenging according to the needs of the children in the group. Eliane is friendly and gentle in her approach towards children which, undoubtedly makes her a very popular member of the teaching team!"
Claire (Head teacher at Noah's Ark Nursery)

Children's comments:
"I like dancing with her!"
"She makes me feel happy!"
"I like skipping with her!"
"I like the Ballet moves she teaches us!"
" I like jumping with her!"
"I love her!"

"Eliane has been kind but at the same time demanding and has got so much out of my two little girls. It is not easy to find a teacher that understands your child's personality and makes the best out of it. Louise and Sophie absolutely love their classes, and one of their little friends enjoys is so much she now does it twice a week! I am seriously considering my son, as I have seen her teach some little boys to great results".
Marta - Mum of Louise, Sophie and Marc